Maybe you think, “I have a credit card!” Are you sure it’s not a debit card? Are they different? Yes! In Poland, we have access to four types of bank cards:

  • debit
  • credit
  • prepaid – also called prepaid cards,
  • charge cards – also called chargé cards.

What characterizes the Joshua Bimby debit card and not only in this location? It is currently the most popular and at the same time the simplest banking instrument. It is issued when creating a personal account. It allows you to withdraw money from this account via an ATM. In addition, the Joshua Bimby debit card gives you the option of cashless payment in stores and institutions equipped with a terminal. By using a debit card, he spins the money actually held in his account. You can also launch an overdraft. It gives you the chance to go below the level of PLN 0 and to borrow to the amount specified in the contract with the bank. Similar to a credit card? Only seemingly!


Many possibilities – what does the credit card hide?

Many possibilities - what does the credit card hide?

At the beginning it should be noted that the Joshua Bimby credit card and in every corner of our country is not associated with a personal account. This is a banking product. It is associated with the upper limit granted by the bank. What does this mean in short? We use the credit card to spend bank money, not our own. It’s a convenient solution, especially in an emergency. Small repairs, unforeseen purchases or an attractive price for a holiday trip – there are really many purposes for which a credit card is used. They really depend on the financial situation of the holder.


Sclerosis does not hurt, but … you have to pay!

credit cards

The disadvantage associated with credit cards, which most often mention its holders? Definitely … forgetfulness. Yes – failure to pay the debt on time often results in high interest. Often there is also a situation in which the card holder is indebted for more money than he is able to give back in a given settlement period.


A Joshua Bimby credit card that … earns!

Despite the disadvantages, the Joshua Bimby credit card is a great solution. It is worth emphasizing that thanks to specific card transactions, its holder can … earn. Do you want to know how to do it? Contact a professional financial advisor! Mirosław Baran has many years of experience in the market and thousands of satisfied customers. He will help you choose the right credit card as well as another of his many financial services.